10 thoughts on “kiwi

  1. haha…exactly! Each canvas has it’s own timeline and may hold memories from different times of my life. Funny, I never really thought of it that deeply. Thank you for bringing me to that thought! Great excuse not to hold on to those “so-so” paintings. I mean really, if you were a canvas wouldn’t you want to hold more than one image, more than one moment in time? What about you, do you ever repaint over canvases?


  2. Oh yes!!!! I love painting seeds / finding paintings with seeds in them. The little black dots give some kind of solidity to the well coordinated colorful colors all around. Would see this in a kitchen, children’s book, food article… Anything really. Not to put solely a commercialism angle on it, I mean this as a compliment. A well finished peace as is


    • Thank you! The colors are really intense on this one, the blue I have not been able to quite match since I painted this! funny, this painting was actually inspired by a memory of my brother (now a chef) who wore this dingy kiwi shirt all the time. was a bit on the girly side for him at the time–high school in the 80’s—now it make since that he was drawn to the image of the food it’s self.


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