the making of the painting “chilly”


This is “chilly” (named by one of my two four year olds).  I took pics along the way to document the journey of this image…

I built the frame work and stretched this canvas several years ago, maybe late 90’s, and painting the following abstract on it.  Without measuring, it’s probably about 3 foot x 4 foot or so. In the years since, this painting has no longer peaked my interest so I decided to give it a new face lift.  I am confident that this was a good decision.

Starting image I covered:   0146cee9e3dab1c891f3ca2deb25438786307b4fbb

Next, new ground…


A bit of color…


some texture…01a88ae74c0933b4ad360f8aa1f53a6c79c4333b4a



and here is close to the “final” end pic posted at the beginning.  I am leaving this hung next to my easel in hopes that I will continue to add new elements and prolong it’s life beyond it’s original intended design.  Here is to a long life!


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