My Submission


So the first round of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search has come and gone.  The theme was Little Terrarium with the use of words, intended for wall art.  So anyone that knows me knows that I adore painting and wall art, my walls at home are filled with original creations and I have stacks of paintings in my art room.  I was super excited that “Wall Art” was the direction on this one.  Bummer that I did make the cut but I am still very happy with my final image.  I have taken MATS A and Bootcamp through the Lilla Rogers Studio in the last year and I am so amazed how my work has come into focus.  Thank you Lilla Rogers!  So here is a link to the amazing 50 that did make it from the 999 submissions.  Congratulations to all of those amazing artists that made it and best of luck to you all in the next round!  Check out the 50 that made it…


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