Succulent Plate Assignment…
Boy I spent some great time on this project. I bet I created at least 12 plates for this. I loved, loved, loved this one. I feel like since I started the MATS bootcamp earlier this year I have been working in a retro style and this just felt right. I created several coordinates (like we did for the fabric assignments) but I got a little bored. I really thought about what I would buy and either use or hang and the coordinates I was creating were not it. I wanted mini full images, not repeats.
I started a whole series of florals, put in snails and other cute things which looked good but that just really isn’t me. I looked at them and really felt they were cute but I just wouldn’t buy them, too girly maybe??

The following images will be a series of plates that didn’t make the cut them my final. I hope you enjoy seeing my progress. (I hope by streaming these I don’t regret my final decision!!!) Thanks!

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