I have not posted for a while, I am still trying to strike a good balance of all of the social media tools, working full time, managing a household and raising three kids. To help myself stay inspired and to help create a better creative pattern, I have enrolled myself in the Lilla Roger’s MATS Bootcamp.

Basically the way this works is she gives us a theme the first Monday of the month, the Mondays following she offers a purpose for the theme and tips.  We have one month to complete the assignment.  She then posts all of the assignments to a public board in which is seen by many of the buyers and design professions she works with often.  We just finished month two and it has been a great experience.  Not only has the assignments pushed me out of my comfort zone but I have also started some great friendships with other students through a private MATS facebook group.  This group is very supportive and has offered fair and good advise and opinions. 

Currently MATS is on a break so I am going to embrace this time and post a series of some of my more early sketches and pieces on my website … and maybe some other random images, who knows! 

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