I totally got this


Ann Tygett Jones painting   http://www.annjonesoriginaliamges.com

I Totally Got This–30×40″ acrylic on canvas.  This inspirational quote is placed on an abstract background.  The words “you got this” are repeated in the top of the canvas, some in focus, others not.  The words “I totally got this” are clearly placed at the lower right hand side of the canvas.  Words of inspiration we all tell ourselves.



ann tygett jones painting



Confidence-This figurative canvas shows a women that is confident, self motivated and driven.  Her body is crouched but she is in mid twist, positioning her self in a very purposeful direction-strength.

cherry pixels


ann tygett jones painting



Cherry Pixels–Inspired by the blossoming cherry trees, this image was created with stamping legos creating a geometric repeat pattern.  24×30 acrylic on canvas.